Webinar Series

A research-based webinar from the Emodo Institute

The Retailer’s Road to Winning Consumers Back

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1 pm ET / 12 noon CT / 10 am PT
Duration: 45 minutes

As shelter-in-place orders are lifted across the country, restaurants and retailers are seeking to understand how to regain the business and trust of their consumers. The Emodo Institute research set out to uncover consumer attitudes to provide actionable guidance on ad targeting and messaging strategies. Highlights include:

  • Critical emerging differences in attitudes and behaviors
  • Specific tactics retailers can use to convince consumers of their safe return to shopping
  • Category-level insights across 11 different retail categories

Presented by:

Jake Moskowitz
Jake Moskowitz

Head of the Emodo Institute

Jake leads the company’s thought leadership, custom analytics, and external training. In addition to his many years at the intersection of mobile data and advertising, Jake earned a BA from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

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Wednesday, June 17
1 pm ET / 12 noon CT / 10 am PT

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