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Proximity Marketing Research On-Demand Session

The Psychology of Store Selection

Right Message. Right Place.

Why do potential customers bypass CVS on their way to a distant Walgreens, or vice versa? How far are they willing to travel to visit a specific retailer instead of a closer competitor? What motivates them to go the extra distance?

It turns out, the answers are significantly different depending on the type of store or service they’re looking for. It also depends on where they’re coming from.

Watch this on-demand webinar session from AdWeek and the Emodo Institute, and Dentsu, that reveals insights about today’s real-world shopper and surfaces important consumer perspectives. You’ll find out:

  • The latest psychology about how consumers make trade-offs regarding online vs physical retail and distance vs convenience.
  • Three new innovative strategies for executing this dual messaging strategy.
  • How creative new advertising strategies are driving up market share for thought-leading marketers.


Gain Instant Access to the On-Demand Session

Presented By:

Jake Moskowitz, VP of Data Strategy and Head of the Emodo Institute.


Zoie Hashim, Digital Manager at Dentsu Media US.

2021 Proximity Marketing Insights


The average number of miles consumers are willing to travel to a store location from home.


The number of miles consumers are willing to travel to a store location from work.


Optimistic consumers are nearly twice as likely to be visiting different stores since the pandemeic.

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