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Proving the Accuracy of Targeting Data


The success of your digital ad campaign hinges on the quality of the data on which you’re basing your investment decisions. Fortunately, marketers are starting to realize how much waste they’re really incurring from data inaccuracies in segments, bid requests, and attribution tracking. The question of data quality has led to an increase in claims about “Verification” and “Transparency” across the data industry. But, how do you determine which claims are substantive and which aren’t?

This free course will help you and your team improve results by knowing how to cut through the spin and truly assess data quality. You’ll learn how leveraging progress in Viewability and Fraud can enable similar improvements in data. 

  • Designed for marketers, analysts, media planners and/or buyers
  • Available as an online course or onsite at your location
  • High impact, yet a compact 60-90 minutes in length

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