Reach the right voters at the right time

Make smart ad buys. Carrier Intelligence backs you up.

The social media landscape is shifting for political advertising. But as voters keep their digital lives in their pockets, you’ve got sophisticated audience targeting from Emodo to reach them. Identify detailed voter segments with effective, relevant messaging verfied against the largest, most accurate dataset available-the data from their moible carriers.

Emodo’s Carrier-Verified quality assurance means you get pinpoint accuracy, so you don’t waste ad dollars. 

How it works

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Today’s digital voter receives fragmented, poorly targeted messaging.


Emodo uses data from mobile carriers to give you the largest, most accurate ad inventory available.


You’ll know you’re reaching the right voters with robust analytics to back up your improved results.

Why it works

Maximized reach

Emodo solutions include top-tier ad inventory on video, audio, display, and native formats to drive better results based on your KPIs. See improved conversion rates, decreased IVT, and no wasted inventory.

Accurate, nuanced targeting

The quality of Emodo’s verified behavioral and demographic data truly sets our audiences apart. We’ve based our signature audience segments on the unassailable accuracy of first-party carrier data to drive the outcomes and results you need.

Deeper voter metrics

Dive into voter behavior and campaign results, including event or location visits, visit rates, frequency, and times, along with demographics and real-world data, to truly understand your audience: today’s voters.

Emodo’s here to help

Whether you prefer to buy through a leading DSP or have our team help you execute, Emodo’s Private and Managed Marketplaces have you covered. Let’s get started.

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