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You’d be mad to miss this in March

Bet Your Bracket with Emodo

This March, skip the Madness

In just a few weeks, millions of potential buyers will be glued to their TVs, Twitter feeds, and the net – both internet and on the court.

Team up with Emodo and our exciting PMPs to help you reach the right buyers at the right time – and win some faboulous prizes for you and your team! Sign up to run a campaign with Emodo, fill in your bracket and let the games begin!

Choose from:

College Cordcutters:

This audience is planning to view free-to-watch college basketball games online. With millions of eyes on the page, your ads get full-court coverage.

Fans from Home:

The NCAA app has incredible reach and user growth, and there’s never been a better time to serve your ad up on the platform die-hard fans will flock to for all the madness of March.

Sports Bar Socialites:

Many are choosing to venture back out into bars and resturaunts to watch the games with friends and colelagues. Leveraging geo-fencing and percise audience targeting, Emodo can help you sink that 3-point conversion.

Enter Your Bracket

Join Our Bracket, Win Prizes!


  • Oculus Quest 2
  • Yeti Soft Cooler
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker 


  • Yeti Soft Cooler
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • Yeti Soft Cooler

How to Enter:


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Data-Centered Insights & Courses

The Emodo Institute helps marketers make better-informed campaign decisions and achieve better results. The Institute conducts studies, publishes papers, and teaches specialized courses to help media buyers, sellers, and solution providers stay ahead and think forward. The Emodo Institute is wholly focused on the research, education and resolution of the mobile data concerns that challenge business and marketing effectiveness.

535 Mission Street, 27th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105



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