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Prepare for Uncertainty:
A Roadmap to a Promising Holiday Season for Agile Marketers

Brand new consumer research from the Emodo Institute shows that marketers need to be prepared for anything during the 2021 holidays. Shoppers and travelers are making plans — plans that could change at any minute. Ensure your organization is ready for the advertising challenges and opportunities ahead.

In fact, 47% of consumers have already planned to travel, shop, and spend time with friends and family this holiday season and nearly all of them are planning to up their holiday budgets. But, key factors could make those optimistic holiday plans fragile, altering the strategies marketers deploy for their holiday campaigns.

Join us for a deep-dive session examining how your customers are planning on spending their time and money. We will uncover:

  • What consumers plan to do, what they plan to buy and how they plan to spend this holiday season.
  • How the economy, COVID and other variables could disrupt their plans and perspectives.
  • Why the loss of device identifiers may actually present opportunities for holiday advertisers.

Register Now!
Wednesday, August 4th
1 – 1:45 pm ET / 10 – 10:45 am PT

Presented By:

Jake Moskowitz, VP of Data Strategy and Head of the Emodo Institute.

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The Emodo Institute helps marketers make better-informed campaign decisions and achieve better results. The Institute conducts studies, publishes papers, and teaches specialized courses to help media buyers, sellers, and solution providers stay ahead and think forward. The Emodo Institute is wholly focused on the research, education and resolution of the mobile data concerns that challenge business and marketing effectiveness.

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