The Link Between Attention & Memorability

Audience Attention has emerged as one of the more popular measures of ad effectiveness in recent years. But today, capturing Attention at scale is more challenging than ever.

What’s more, in order for attention to impact consumer behavior, it needs to be more closely correlated with Memorability (brand recall, ad recall, message association), which is what really matters for ad effectiveness.

Advertisers need new ways to capture audience Attention, amplify Memorability, and continue to meet ad effectiveness goals. We wondered… could creative innovation be the answer?  To find out, Emodo leveraged a new Attention metrics methodology studying the impact of dynamic creative formats on both attention and memorability.

Download the report to learn:

  • Why creative innovation is the solution to our audience Attention challenge  
  • How you can quantify the impact of creative formats on ad effectiveness  
  • Which measures of actual consumer impact are critical to track beyond just Attention 
  • What conclusive evidence and benchmarks support creative optimization as the path to stand-out ad effectiveness


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